Systematic component-oriented development with axiomatic design

Toğay, Cengiz
In this research, component oriented development is supported with design guidance by extending the Axiomatic Design Theory for component orientation, and utilizing domain engineering and ontology mechanisms. Guidance is offered in the form of suggesting missing components and discovering incompatibilities among the candidate elements of software development, corresponding to different phases such as requirement analysis, design, and implementation. A mature domain concept is developed suggesting the availability of reference models for customer needs, software system requirements, software design, and also a rich set of implemented components. As the system is being defined starting with the customer needs and progressing towards components, at every step the developer is presented what is available in the domain and what becomes unavailable. This guidance is based on the selections made so far, utilizing ontology based constraint checking. Feature Models are incorporated for modeling customer needs. Case studies are presented for demonstration purposes.
Citation Formats
C. Toğay, “Systematic component-oriented development with axiomatic design,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2008.