2D/3D imaging simulator

Bozkurt, Nesli
3D modeling of real objects has an increasing importance in numerous areas. Although many methods and solutions are already proposed for 3D data acquisition, research continuing in this area is still intense. However, a crucial drawback about 3D data extraction algorithms is their testing and validation difficulty. Additionally, obtaining calibrated 2D and 3D imaging systems is troublesome due to their high effort demand for calibration and high cost. In this thesis, a 2D/3D Imaging Simulator is proposed in order to ease development and testing of 3D data interpretations of different methods and also to generate synthetic images for miscellaneous use. Furthermore, an example application on FRGC database is explained in detail.
Citation Formats
N. Bozkurt, “2D/3D imaging simulator,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.