A bdi-based multiagent simulation framework

Yükselen, Murat
Modeling and simulation of military operations are becoming popular with the widespread application of artificial intelligence methods. As the decision makers would like to analyze the results of the simulations in greater details, entity-level simulation of physical world and activities of actors (soldiers, tanks, etc) is unavoidable. In this thesis, a multiagent framework for simulating task driven autonomous activities of actors or group of actors is proposed. The framework is based on BDI-architecture where an agent is composed of beliefs, goals and plans. Besides, an agent team is organized hierarchically and decisions at different levels of the hierarchy are governed by virtual command agents with their own beliefs, goals and plans. The framework supports an interpreter that realizes execution of single or multiagent plans coherently. The framework is implemented and a case study demonstrating the capabilities of the framework is carried out.
Citation Formats
M. Yükselen, “A bdi-based multiagent simulation framework,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.