Dynamic model integration and 3d graphical interface for a virtual ship

Çalargün, Canku Alp
This thesis addresses the improvement of a physically based modeling simulator Naval Surface Tactical Maneuvering Simulation System (NSTMSS), that combines different simulators in a distributed environment by the help of High Level Architecture (HLA), to be used in naval tactical training systems. The objective is to upgrade a computer simulation program in which physical models are improved in order to achieve a more realistic movement of a ship in a virtual environment. The simulator will also be able to model the ocean waves and ship wakes for a more realistic view. The new naval model includes a 4 degrees of freedom (DOF) maneuvering model, and a wave model. The numerical results from real life are used for modeling purposes to increase the realism level of the simulator. Since the product at the end of the thesis work is needed to be a running computer code that can be integrated into the NSTMSS system, the code implementation and algorithm details are also covered. The comparisons between the wave models and physical models are evaluated for a better real time performance. The result of this thesis shows that the integration of a 4-DOF realistic ship model to the system improved the capability of NSTMSS to give more data to the student officers while making maneuvers. The result also indicates that the use of waves and ship wakes had taken the simulator to a next level in the environment perception.
Citation Formats
C. A. Çalargün, “Dynamic model integration and 3d graphical interface for a virtual ship,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.