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Construction process and techniques of traditional houses in taraklı/Sakarya: an introductory model for web-based gis applications

Özyer, Hafize Bilge
Historic towns and historic buildings are important witnesses of the past cultures and civilizations. Their sustainability and transfer to the next generations require continuous maintenance and repair interventions which should be compatible with their original construction techniques, details and materials. In order to define proper interventions to a historic building, it is necessary to understand how and from what it is built. Therefore, traditional construction materials, detailings and techniques should be well understood prior to any kind of intervention to a historic building. The objective of this study is, first of all, to provide a body of knowledge on traditional construction process and techniques; then, to store, structure, process, represent and share this knowledge in a systematic and controlled way by means of a web based GIS portal. In this respect, traditional timber framed houses of Taraklı in Sakarya has been chosen as the case study, on account of being one of the significant historical towns in our country where the tissue together with historical building is still conserved. For this study, among the applications of GIS technology, Web-based GIS has been determined as the most effective and functional tool in order to develop an online information portal for storing, displaying the collected raw data and sharing with other users as utilizable information.