Structural Evaluation and Strengthening of Zeynelbey Tomb in Hasankeyf, Turkey

Hasankeyf historic settlement area is one the most important sites in southeastern Anatolia which dates back to the 15(th) century. Zeynelbey Tomb is a distinct cylindrical structure has a height of 9.6 m and with double domes extending to an overall height of 16.5m; however, the outer dome suffers from multiple and large vertical tension cracks threatening the overall structural stability and safety of the structure. A preliminary visual inspection and structural evaluation using analytical modeling was carried out. The tension zones developing at the outer dome was determined using analytical simulations and causes of vertical tension cracks were elaborated. A general remedy of strengthening was developed to surround the dome using vertical ribs and horizontal post tensioning strands that are placed in three vertical layers. The deterministic analytical simulations using the horizontal post-tensioning have allowed finding the necessary amount of tension force in each horizontal strand to diminish the tensile stresses inside the dome and put the structure in a stable compression state. This paper describes the steps carried out for the assessment, evaluation, and retrofit studies, which might set an example to similar historic structures with comparable structural problems in the dome.


Seismic Assessment of Monastery of Stoudios (Imrahor Mosque) in Istanbul
Kucukdogan, Bilge; Kubin, Josef; Ünay, Ali İhsan (2010-10-08)
Monastery of Stoudios, dated back to the reign of Eastern Roman Empire, is known to be the oldest surviving -albeit partially- religious building in Istanbul. During sixteen centuries, the building has been exposed to several earthquakes, fires and other minor disasters which have caused considerable damages and partial destruction in some of its sections. As a part of a general master plan for the structural condition assessment of historical buildings and monuments of Istanbul, this study aims to evaluate...
Testing and Seismic Capacity Evaluation of a Typical Traditional Ottoman Timber Frame
aktaş, yasemin didem; Türer, Ahmet; ERDİL, BARIŞ; Akyüz, Uğurhan; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman (2010-10-08)
In Turkey, as well as in Balkan countries, examples of an extant housing tradition namely himis, which was formed during Ottoman period, can still be observed. In spite of minor local differences according to geographical locations, these Ottoman himis houses are distinguished with a number of common architectural and technical peculiarities that is worth to preserve. They have similar timber frame construction system with different infill materials. There are numerous reports claiming that the himis houses...
Seismic Resistance Evaluation of Traditional Ottoman Timber-Frame Himis Houses: Frame Loadings and Material Tests
Aktas, Yasemin Didem; Akyüz, Uğurhan; Türer, Ahmet; Erdil, Barış; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman (SAGE Publications, 2014-11-01)
Traditional Ottoman timber-frame houses ("himis") form the major part of the cultural heritage structures in Turkey. There are many studies in the literature regarding the seismic performance of himis houses, which claim that these structures have an inherent seismically resistant property. However, these studies lack a quantitative engineering approach and are based on observations made after contemporary earthquakes. This study presents the results of the seismic resistance evaluation of traditional Ottom...
Settlement behaviour of concrete faced rockfill dams : a case study
Özkuzukıran, Rıza Savaş; Özkan, M. Yener; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
In this study settlement behaviour of Kürtün dam, which is the first concrete faced rockfill dam in Turkey, is investigated. Two dimensional plane strain finite element analyses are carried out in order to determine the total stresses and displacements during construction and reservoir filling conditions. Hardening soil model is used in order to represent the non-linear, inelastic and stress dependent behaviour of rockfill material. Material model parameters are selected mainly referring to the previous stu...
Assessment of deterioration and collapse mechanisms of dolomitic limestone at Hasankeyf Antique City before and after reservoir impounding (Turkey)
Topal, Tamer (2016-01-01)
The Hasankeyf Antique City located in southeastern Anatolia (Turkey) includes several historical heritages and man-made caves. It is mainly located in dolomitic limestone. The city will be partly under water after reservoir impounding of the Ilisu dam, and the limestone will be subjected to cyclic processes such as wetting-drying and freezing-thawing. Although a new town is formed and part of the city is transported to a nearby area, this cannot be done for many existing historical and cultural values at th...
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