Design of an educational purpose multifunctional dc/dc converter board

Bağlan, Fuat Onur
In this thesis a multifunctional DC/DC converter board will be developed for utilization as an educational experiment set in the switched-mode power conversion laboratory of power electronic courses. The board has a generic power-pole structure allowing for easy configuration of various power converter topologies and includes buck, boost, buck-boost, flyback, and forward converter topologies. All the converters can be operated in the open-loop control mode with a switching frequency range of 30-100 kHz and a maximum output power of 20 W. Also the buck converter can be operated in voltage mode control and the buck-boost converter can be operated in peak-current-mode control for the purpose of demonstrating the closed loop control performance of DC/DC converters. The designed board allows for experimentation on the DC/DC converters to observe the macroscopic (steadystate/ dynamic, PWM cycle and low frequency) and microscopic (switching dynamic) behavior of the converters. In the experiments both such characteristics can be clearly observed such that students at basic learning level (involving only the macroscopic behavior), and students at advanced learning level (additionally involving the parasitic effects) can benefit from the experiments. The thesis reviews the switch mode conversion principles, gives the board design and proceeds with the experiments illustrating the capabilities of the experimental system.
Citation Formats
F. O. Bağlan, “Design of an educational purpose multifunctional dc/dc converter board,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.