Artillery target assignment problem with time dimension

Sapaz, Burçin
In this thesis, we defined a new assignment problem and named it as the artillery target assignment problem(ATAP). The artillery target assignment problem is about assigning artillery weapons to targets at different time instances while optimizing some objectives. Since decisions at a time instance may affect decisions at other time instances, solving this assignment problem is harder than the classical assignment problem. For constructing a solution approach, we defined a base case and some variations of the problem which reflects subproblems of the main problem. These sub-problems are investigated for possible solutions. For two of these sub-problems, genetic algorithm solutions with customized representations and genetic operators are developed. Experiments of these solutions and related results are presented in this thesis.
Citation Formats
B. Sapaz, “Artillery target assignment problem with time dimension,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.