SystemC implementation with analog mixed signal modeling for a microcontroller

Mert, Yakup Murat
In this thesis, an 8-bit microcontroller, PIC 16F871, has been implemented using SystemC with classical hardware design methods. Analog modules of the microcontroller have been modeled behaviorally with SystemC-AMS which is the analog and mixed signal extensions for the SystemC. SystemC-AMS provides the capability to model non-digital modules and synchronization with the SystemC kernel. In this manner, electronic systems that have both digital and analog components can be described and simulated very effectively. The PIC 16F871 is a well known and very common microcontroller. Its architecture, peripheral modules and analog components makes this microcontroller pretty good model for a System on Chip (SoC) concept. Designed microcontroller’s peripheral modules, instruction set and addressing modes have been verified utilizing the test codes. Besides, designed microcontroller has been tested with 16-bit CRC code. Moreover, a synchronous demodulator system that involves designed microcontroller and additional analog units has been constructed and simulated. Finally, SystemC to hardware flow has been demonstrated with implementation of arithmetic logic unit of the 16F871 into FPGA based hardware.
Citation Formats
Y. M. Mert, “SystemC implementation with analog mixed signal modeling for a microcontroller,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.