Text classification in Turkish marketing domain and context-sensitive ad distribution

Engin, Melih
Online advertising has a continuously increasing popularity. Target audience of this new advertising method is huge. Additionally, there is another rapidly growing and crowded group related to internet advertising that consists of web publishers. Contextual advertising systems make it easier for publishers to present online ads on their web sites, since these online marketing systems automatically divert ads to web sites with related contents. Web publishers join ad networks and gain revenue by enabling ads to be displayed on their sites. Therefore, the accuracy of automated ad systems in determining ad-context relevance is crucial. In this thesis we construct a method for semantic classification of web site contexts in Turkish language and develop an ad serving system to display context related ads on web documents. The classification method uses both semantic and statistical techniques. The method is supervised, and therefore, needs processed sample data for learning classification rules. Therefore, we generate a Turkish marketing dataset and use it in our classification approaches. We form successful classification methods using different feature spaces and support vector machine configurations. Our results present a good comparison between these methods.


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M. Engin, “Text classification in Turkish marketing domain and context-sensitive ad distribution,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.