The intellectual framework of the ‘European New Right’ and European Integration

Kurtoğlu, Mete
This thesis aims to analyze the ideology of the “European New Right” (Nouveille Droite) and its attempt to establish its cultural hegemony on European integration. The revival of the radical right-wing parties after 1980s and the rise of xenophobia have emerged as a fundamental threat to European democracy. The study of such developments and the measures taken to combat right-wing extremism, however, should not be limited to political parties and activists. The intellectual framework of the contemporary radical right as a successor of historical fascism and its Europeanization necessitates a broader and deeper analysis of the ideology of the radical right. The case of “European New Right” as one of the most influential right-wing intellectual networks provides the appropriate ground to discuss on such framework and to elaborate its impact on European integration.
Citation Formats
M. Kurtoğlu, “The intellectual framework of the ‘European New Right’ and European Integration,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.