Revealing the values of a Republican Park

Akansel, Can
This thesis on one of the most significant productions of the Early Republican Period, reveals the values of the urban park; namely Gençlik Parkı, and analyzes its disintegration process with changing decades and conditions. There are several discourses, which are practiced in Gençlik Parkı, are found valuable; therefore, it is considered to be preserved. These discourses may be considered as; Gençlik Parkı consists the values of the Republican Period, it is the urban space for the cultural formation of the society, it is the historical stage for the social and historic events in Ankara, it is one of the green zones within the growing city. On the other hand, the architectural, namely the “objective” values of the park are not considered within these discourses. In this sense, the main concern of the thesis will be to read the drastic change in the treatment of the “values” of Gençlik Parkı after its foundation through successive decades of different administration and usage to the current situation. The values pertaining to the modern monument will be envisaged in the terminology of Alois Riegl, who has put forth his views in the late 19th century. In other words, our concern is to examine the urban artifact which is one of the most significant productions of the Republican Period, and to explore the values, and analyze its disintegration process with changing decades and conditions. Moreover, this thesis searches an answer to the question, “Do we really know Gençlik Parkı?”


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C. Akansel, “Revealing the values of a Republican Park,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2009.