Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its role in Chinese foreign policy towards Central Asia

Küçük, Zeki Furkan
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a regional organization and its role on the policies of People’s Republic of China towards Central Asia. Central Asia region is important for Beijing because of plenty of reasons like energy, commercial ties, balancing weight of United States and security of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. In this respect, relations of China with this important region constitute great importance in order to understand current situation and future of China. SCO, as mainly a security organization, has been transformed to a multi purpose organization and it has begun to occupy important place in policies of China towards Central Asia. SCO is a very effective instrument for China in order to implement her policies, increase her influence and solve her problems in the region. This thesis consists of five chapters; explanation of conceptual framework and introduction of the study will be made in Chapter 1 and then broad definition of SCO will be made in Chapter 2. In the 3rd chapter, sources and aims of Chinese foreign policy, Central Asia policy and effects of SCO to these elements will be explained. In chapter 4, attitude of other important powers to SCO will be examined and at the last Chapter thesis will be concluded.