Automatic web service composition with ai planning

Kuzu, Mehmet
In this thesis, some novel ideas are presented for solving automated web service composition problem. Some possible real world problems such as partial observability of environment, nondeterministic effects of web services, service execution failures are solved through some mechanisms. In addition to automated web service composition, automated web service invocation task is handled in this thesis by using reflection mechanism. The proposed approach is based on AI planning. Web service composition problem is translated to AI planning problem and a novel AI planner namely “Simplanner” that is designed for working in highly dynamic environments under time constraints is adapted to the proposed system. World altering service calls are done by conforming to the WS-Coordination and WS-Business Activity web service transaction specifications in order to physically repair failure situations and prevent undesired side effects of aborted web service composition efforts.
Citation Formats
M. Kuzu, “Automatic web service composition with ai planning,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.