Missing link discovery in wikipedia: a comparative study

Sunercan, Ömer
The fast growing online encyclopedia concept presents original and innovative features by taking advantage of information technologies. The links connecting the articles is one of the most important instances of these features. In this thesis, we present our work on discovering missing links in Wikipedia articles. This task is important for both readers and authors of Wikipedia. Readers will benefit from the increased article quality with better navigation support. On the other hand, the system can be employed to support authors during editing. This study combines the strengths of different approaches previously applied for the task, and proposes its own techniques to reach satisfactory results. Because of the subjectivity in the nature of the task; automatic evaluation is hard to apply. Comparing approaches seems to be the best method to evaluate new techniques, and we offer a semi-automatized method for evaluation of the results. The recall is calculated automatically using existing links in Wikipedia. The precision is calculated according to manual evaluations of human assessors. Comparative results for different techniques are presented, showing the success of our improvements. Our system employs Turkish Wikipedia (Vikipedi) and, according to our knowledge, it is the first study on it. We aim to exploit the Turkish Wikipedia as a semantic resource to examine whether it is scalable enough for such purposes.


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Ö. Sunercan, “Missing link discovery in wikipedia: a comparative study,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.