Numerical investigation of natural convection from vertical plate finned heat sinks

Çakar, Kamil Mert
The steady-state natural convection from vertically placed rectangular fins is investigated numerically by means of a commercial CFD program called ICEPAK. The effects of geometric parameters of fin arrays on the performance of heat dissipation from fin arrays are examined. In order to simulate the different fin configurations and compare the results with literature, two experimental studies from literature are selected. Optimum fin spacing for both studies are found numerically and compared with experimental studies. The models are first verified by simulating natural convection on vertically placed flat plate and comparing the results with literature. After verification 30 different fin array configurations for the first experimental case study and 15 different fin array configurations for the second experimental case study from literature are analyzed. It is observed that the present results agree very well with the optimum fin spacing results of the experimental studies. It is also observed that the empirical correlations in the literature are conservative and the numerically obtained correlations predict higher heat transfer rates.