GIS Based tsunami inundation maps; case studies from Mediterranean

Dilmen, Derya Itır
In this thesis, detailed tsunami numerical modeling study was applied to the selected case studies, Fethiye town (Turkey) and Kiparissia-Zakintos-Pylos (Greece) in Mediterranean, using rupture-specific tsunami sources which can generate tsunamis in Mediterranean. As a first step of the study, the general database of Fethiye and Kiparissia-Zakintos-Pylos were integrated to GIS-based environment to organize, analyze and display reliable data from different sources. Secondly, for each earthquake scenario, the tsunami propagation and coastal amplifications were computed by TUNAMI N3 to evaluate the coastal amplifications of tsunamis and understand the tsunami propagation for the cases. As the final step, a study of inundation areas of probable tsunamis in these regions was performed. Available results were used to understand the effects of tsunamis and assist in developing mitigation strategies. Methods and results were presented and discussed.
Citation Formats
D. I. Dilmen, “GIS Based tsunami inundation maps; case studies from Mediterranean,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.