An evaluation of the english language teaching program at atilim university based on stakeholders’ perceptions : a case study

Tunç, Yasin
This study aimed to conduct an evaluation based on stakeholders’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the English Language Teaching Program at Atılım University, Preparatory School. Moreover, the study wanted to find out to what extent the program meets students’ expectations and whether there are any differences in stakeholders’ perceptions with regard to their ideal language teaching-learning environment and their real (classroom) practices. The sample included 62 instructors, including three administrators, and a teacher trainer and 216 students attending Prep. School in the academic term of 2008-2009. The data were collected through two questionnaires, developed by the researcher: one was designed for instructors and administrators; the other was designed for students. To support the close-ended items in the questionnaires, each questionnaire included some open-ended items. Data based on the questionnaires were analyzed through descriptive statistics. While, the qualitative data were analyzed through content analysis. Lastly, to validate the data and increase the credibility of the data, triangulation procedure was carried out. The findings of the study showed that the program at Atılım University Prep. School needs some improvements in the following areas: (1) the goals and objectives need to be clearly identified; (2) the content of the instruction needs to include all language skills; (3) the resources and materials need to be revised in terms of their content and compatibility with the goals of the school, and the proficiency exam; (4) the goals and the content of the testing means, especially proficiency exam, need to be redefined and made compatible with the content of the books and instruction.


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Y. Tunç, “An evaluation of the english language teaching program at atilim university based on stakeholders’ perceptions : a case study,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.