Developing a zigbee wireless network and controlling it through the internet

Kaynar, Kerem
The aim of this thesis is to develop a network, whose nodes communicate with the ZigBee wireless network protocol, and control this network with a PC through the Internet. One of the nodes of this network is designed to be master node. The other nodes are slave nodes. The master node can be connected to an Ethernet connected to the Internet. A PC can communicate with the master node via a specific web application over the Internet. The communication between a web server, in which the specific web application is loaded, and the master node is performed using a specific application protocol working over TCP/IP and defined in this thesis. The master node controls the slave nodes of the wireless network formed according to the commands given by the user of a PC over the Internet. The master node contains an implementation of the ZigBee stack along with a suitable application software to communicate with the slave nodes. The master node also contains an implementation of the TCP/IP stack along with a suitable application software to communicate with a web server in which the specific web application is loaded. The slave nodes contain an implementation of the ZigBee stack along with a suitable application software to communicate with the master node. For each type of node, appropriate hardware which is compliant with the software contained by that type of node is used. Each type of node uses microcontroller-based hardware.


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K. Kaynar, “Developing a zigbee wireless network and controlling it through the internet,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.