Comparative study on sediment transport equations for delta formations in reservoirs

Pulcuoğlu, Başar
In this study, a qualitative and comparative investigation on sediment transport equations used in prediction of rserevoir sedimentation is presented. 32 sediment transport equations, which are selected by literature review on sand and gravel size ranges, grouped according to the median particle sizes on which their derivation based. In order to compare these equations computer program DELTA, which is a one dimensional simulation program developed by Graf and Altınakar (1998) for the prediction of delta formation in resrvoirs, is used. Computer simulation is performed within each group of sediment transport equations in order to determine the most suitable equation for corresponding median diameter of sediment particles. 8 of the equations gave simulation results that are in good agreement with average values related to delta deposition extent, height and location in the reservoir. The effects of river slope change and median diameter change on delta deposition also investigated and simulation results are compared with previous model studies.
Citation Formats
B. Pulcuoğlu, “Comparative study on sediment transport equations for delta formations in reservoirs,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.