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Experimental study of single and multiple outlets behavior under constant head

Çobanoğlu, İsmail
The performance of outlets under constant head is investigated in this study. Behavior of single outlet is analyzed; subsequently effect of multiple outlets on a single outlet is examined. Parameters taken into account are constant head of water, orifice shape, orifice length, number of open outlets and discharge. The outlet type, which is examined, can be classified as a short tube orifice. Two different orifice diameters and tube lengths are used. Outlets had the diameter, 6.00 and 10.35mm. The ratio of orifice length to diameter (l/d) was 5 and 8. Number of outlets is 5, which are opened in several combinations. A dimensional analysis shows that discharge coefficient, Cd is a function of diameter-length ratio and the Reynolds Number. In this study, high Reynolds Number (2300