Multi-resolution visualization of large scale protein networks enriched with gene ontology annotations

Yaşar, Sevgi
Genome scale protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are interpreted as networks or graphs with thousands of nodes from the perspective of computer science. PPI networks represent various types of possible interactions among proteins or genes of a genome. PPI data is vital in protein function prediction since functions of the cells are performed by groups of proteins interacting with each other and main complexes of the cell are made of proteins interacting with each other. Recent increase in protein interaction prediction techniques have made great amount of protein-protein interaction data available for genomes. As a consequence, a systematic visualization and analysis technique has become crucial. To the best of our knowledge, no PPI visualization tool consider multi-resolution viewing of PPI network. In this thesis, we implemented a new approach for PPI network visualization which supports multi-resolution viewing of compound graphs. We construct compound nodes and label them by using gene set enrichment methods based on Gene Ontology annotations. This thesis further suggests new methods for PPI network visualization.