A conformance and interoperability test suite for Turkey’s National Health Information System (NHIS) and an interactive test control and monitoring environment

Sınacı, Ali Anıl
Conformance to standards and interoperability is a major challenge of today`s applications in all domains. Several standards have been developed and some are still under development to address the various layers in the interoperability stack. Conformance and interoperability testing involves checking whether the applications conform to the standards so that they can interoperate with other conformant systems. Only through testing, correct information exchange among applications can be guaranteed. National Health Information System (NHIS) of Turkey aims to provide a nation-wide infrastructure for sharing Electronic Health Records (EHRs). In order to guarantee the interoperability, the Ministry of Health (MoH), Turkey, developed an Implementation/Integration/Interoperability Profile based on HL7 standards. TestBATN - Testing Business Process, Application, Transport and Network Layers - is a domain and standards independent set of tools which can be used to test all of the layers of the interoperability stack, namely, the Communication Layer, Document Content Layer and the Business Process Layer. In this thesis work, the requirements for conformance and interoperability testing of the NHIS are analyzed, a testing approach is designated, test cases for several NHIS services are developed and deployed and a test execution control and monitoring environment within TestBATN is designed and implemented through the identified testing requirements. The work presented in this thesis is part of the TestBATN system supported by the TÜBİTAK TEYDEB Project No: 7070191 in addition by the Ministry of Health, Turkey.