Analytical examination of performance limits for shear critical reinforced concrete columns

Ergüner, Kamil
Most of the older reinforced concrete (RC) buildings have columns that are deficient when the current code requirements are considered. Therefore, performance of the columns determines the performance of the structure under the effects of earthquake induced lateral loads. It is recognized that no provision is proposed in TEC2007 to estimate the failure type called flexure-shear. Behavior of columns having probability of failing in flexure-shear failure mode is mostly underestimated by TEC2007 procedures. In addition, failure type classification of columns performed according to the linear and nonlinear procedures of TEC2007 needs to be examined with respect to the test results to cover all failure types including flexure-shear failure in order to lead the engineers develop economical and realistic retrofit solutions. In this study, different methods are explored to obtain reliable estimates for the performance of code deficient shear critical RC columns. Special considerations are given to Axial-Shear-Flexure interaction (ASFI) approach due to its mechanical background. After examination of different approaches, ASFI method with proposed modifications was selected as the most reliable model and lateral load-displacement analyses were performed on a database of shear critical columns. Findings were compared with the estimations of the nonlinear procedure given in Turkish Earthquake Code (TEC2007) for database columns. In addition, drift capacity equations and simplified safe drift capacity equations are proposed in light of statistical studies on the selected column specimens. In the last part of the study, performance evaluation of columns according to nonlinear procedures of FEMA 356, TEC2007, ASCE/SEI 41 update supplement, and EUROCODE 8 were conducted.
Citation Formats
K. Ergüner, “Analytical examination of performance limits for shear critical reinforced concrete columns,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.