Investigation of soil pollution in the city of Antalya

Güvenç, Nilgün


Investigation of gas seepages in Thessaloniki mud volcano in the Mediterranean Sea
MEREY, ŞÜKRÜ; Longinos, Sotirios Nik (2018-09-01)
Gas seepages are commonly observed in marine environment. Especially, gas seepages due to anthropogenic gas hydrate dissociation are big concerns recently. In the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Thessaloniki mud volcano was detected. Gas hydrate stability conditions in this mud volcano is very fragile. For this reason, in this study, gas seepages were predicted by using HydrateResSim at different seafloor temperature increments varying from 1 to 5 degrees C and different sediment permeability values varying from...
Investigation of ground vibrations induced by production blasting at Uşak Kışladağ gold mine
Çakmak, Bezmi Barış; Bilgin, Hasan Aydın; Department of Mining Engineering (2007)
Ground vibrations from blasting are acoustic waves that propagate through the earth. They are also termed seismic waves because their propagation characteristics are similar to the ground motions produced by earthquakes. Amplitude of ground vibration induced by blasting may vary significantly at or around an open pit mine depending on parameters such as the maximum amount of explosive detonating at a time interval and the physical distance between the shot and the location of concern, whereas the frequency ...
Investigation of non-point source pollution potential in the watershed of porsuk dam reservoir
Küçük, Elif; Aksoy, Ayşegül; Department of Environmental Engineering (2013)
The achievement of good water quality status depends not only on point source control, but also on minimizing the contribution of non-point sources on pollution. Although non-point source pollution includes numerous components, agriculture has been considered as the primary activity responsible from deterioration in the quality of water resources. In this thesis, a hypothetical assessment was conducted to assess the relative impacts of different agricultural practices on the Watershed of the Porsuk Dam Rese...
Investigation of Sound Transmission Loss of an Automotive Door Sealing System byUsing FEA
Atamer, Serkan; Kandemir, Mehmet Hakan; Barutçu, Burak Nebil; Çalışkan, Mehmet; Özgen, Gökhan Osman; Altınsoy, Ercan (null; 2016-06-01)
Investigation of emissions of fruit stones combustion in a fluidized bed combustion system
Kaynak, Burçak; Atımtay, Aysel; Department of Environmental Engineering (2003)
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N. Güvenç, “Investigation of soil pollution in the city of Antalya,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.