Investigation of Sound Transmission Loss of an Automotive Door Sealing System byUsing FEA

Atamer, Serkan
Kandemir, Mehmet Hakan
Barutçu, Burak Nebil
Çalışkan, Mehmet
Özgen, Gökhan Osman
Altınsoy, Ercan


Investigation of ground vibrations induced by production blasting at Uşak Kışladağ gold mine
Çakmak, Bezmi Barış; Bilgin, Hasan Aydın; Department of Mining Engineering (2007)
Ground vibrations from blasting are acoustic waves that propagate through the earth. They are also termed seismic waves because their propagation characteristics are similar to the ground motions produced by earthquakes. Amplitude of ground vibration induced by blasting may vary significantly at or around an open pit mine depending on parameters such as the maximum amount of explosive detonating at a time interval and the physical distance between the shot and the location of concern, whereas the frequency ...
Hosseinpour Dashatan, Saeid; Arıkan, Mehmet Ali Sahir; Parnas, Kemal Levend; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2021-8-13)
In some applications of composite laminates, thickness variation is necessary to fulfill specific design requirements. One way of accomplishing the intentional thickness variation in composite structures is terminating some plies within a layup. Introducing ply drop-offs causes geometrical and material discontinuities, which lead to high localized stresses around drop-off locations. Despite all the progress made in damage analyses of tapered composite laminates, estimating their load-carrying capacity and s...
Investigation of radiative heat transfer in freeboard of A 0.3 Mw AFBC test rig
Kozan, Mehmet; Selçuk, Nevin; Department of Chemical Engineering (1999)
Investigation of radiative heat transfer in freeboard of a 0.3 MWt AFBC test rig
Kozan, M; Selçuk, Nevin (2000-01-01)
Based on the analysis of measured data on flow rates, concentrations and temperatures taken during steady state operation of a lignite-fired 0.3 MWt Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustor (AFBC) test rig, radiative exchange in freeboard of the combustor was modeled by using a well-stirred enclosure model in conjunction with Radiosity-Irradiation Method (RIM). Radiative properties of the particle laden combustion gases were calculated by assuming grey radiation behaviour for both particles and gas, and using Le...
Investigation of Water Hammer Problems in the Penstocks of Pumped-Storage Power Plants
Dinçer, Ali Ersin; Bozkuş, Zafer (2014-10-25)
Waterhammer is an undesirable event, caused by sudden flow changes in confined pipe systems. When it occurs, its consequences can be very costly and even sometimes deadly. In general, it may be encountered in the penstocks of hydropower plants, water transmission lines, water networks, etc. Therefore, the operation guidelines of the hydropower plants should be defined correctly. In the present study, waterhammer problems in wind-hydro hybrid plants are investigated. Time dependent flow conditions in the pen...
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S. Atamer, M. H. Kandemir, B. N. Barutçu, M. Çalışkan, G. O. Özgen, and E. Altınsoy, “Investigation of Sound Transmission Loss of an Automotive Door Sealing System byUsing FEA,” Aachen, Almanya, 2016, p. 605, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: