Investigation of ground vibrations induced by production blasting at Uşak Kışladağ gold mine

Çakmak, Bezmi Barış
Ground vibrations from blasting are acoustic waves that propagate through the earth. They are also termed seismic waves because their propagation characteristics are similar to the ground motions produced by earthquakes. Amplitude of ground vibration induced by blasting may vary significantly at or around an open pit mine depending on parameters such as the maximum amount of explosive detonating at a time interval and the physical distance between the shot and the location of concern, whereas the frequency of vibration mainly vary depending on the geology and blast delay intervals. Therefore evaluation and assessment of ground vibration condition at or around an open pit mine is necessary. The objective of the proposed research study is to monitor and record the ground vibration and to investigate and assess the vibration conditions at neighbouring districts that are induced by production blasting operations at Usak Kışladağ Gold Mine. In this research study, several parameters such as the ground vibration velocity, the amount of charge per delay, the physical distance to the location of monitoring device or residential structures are recorded, analyzed and evaluated together with the frequencies of the seismic waves. The determined ground vibration velocities are compared with the allowable limits given in Turkish Regulation and US Federal Regulation. Thus, the compliance of the ground vibrations with the above mentioned regulations are discussed and assessed. Furthermore, the parameters which affect the ground vibration are discussed and determined. In this study, the monitored and the recorded ground vibrations are evaluated from structural damage potential and human disturbance points of views. It is determined that the ground vibration levels recorded during this study and analyzed from the past records comply with Turkish and US Federal regulations. It is concluded that no damage has been occurred in structures at surrounding settlements and the occupants were not disturbed by the direct effect of vibrations in the past and at present. The analysis proved that the blasting operations to be conducted in the future will not create any damage and disturbance provided that the charge detonated per delay is kept less than 155 kg’s.
Citation Formats
B. B. Çakmak, “Investigation of ground vibrations induced by production blasting at Uşak Kışladağ gold mine,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.