The health right of refugees in Turkey

Toksabay, Burcu
The main objective of this thesis is to analyze the access of refugees to the right of health in Turkey. There are significant problems in the access of refugees to the available health services and there are no special health services designed to meet the needs of the refugees. Through field research in a city where refugees are settled, the problems related with the access to health services by refugees were examined. In a qualitative study design, this piece of research involved in depth interviews with health professionals, representatives of the NGOs working with refugees and refugees to understand the problems associated with the access of refugees to health services and the dynamics of the clinical encounter between the health professionals and refugees. The study has found that refugees cannot reach sufficient and appropriate health services in Turkey and their fundamental right of access to the right to health is not realized in practice. Moreover, it was found that the provision of health services is riddled with many difficulties, such as the lack of professional translators, the stereotypes common among health professionals about refugees. The legislation about health services and health insurance should be revised in a way to cover all asylum-seekers and to provide special health services for refugees such as comprehensive medical screenings on arrival and trauma and psychological counseling.
Citation Formats
B. Toksabay, “The health right of refugees in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.