A service oriented peer to peer web service discovery mechanism with categorization

Özorhan, Mustafa Onur
This thesis, studies automated methods to achieve web service advertisement and discovery, and presents efficient search and matching techniques based on OWL-S. In the proposed system, the service discovery and matchmaking is performed via a centralized peer-to-peer web service repository. The repository has the ability to run on a software cloud, which improves the availability and scalability of the service discovery. The service advertisement is done semi-automatically on the client side, with an automatic WSDL to OWL-S conversion, and manual service description annotation. An OWL-S based unified ontology -Suggested Upper Merged Ontology- is used during annotation, to enhance semantic matching abilities of the system. The service advertisement and availability are continuously monitored on the client side to improve the accuracy of the query results. User-agents generate query specification using the system ontology, to provide semantic unification between the client and the system during service discovery. Query matching is performed via complex Hilbert Spaces composed of conceptual planes and categorical similarities for each web service. User preferences following the service queries are monitored and used to improve the service match scores in the long run.
Citation Formats
M. O. Özorhan, “A service oriented peer to peer web service discovery mechanism with categorization,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.