An investigation on the planimetric design efficiency of inpatient departments in healtcare facilities

Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe
As cited in literature, the history of hospital design in both practice and theory is rife with proposals that lay claim to improving efficiency. The aim was to obtain not only lowest possible construction, maintenance and operational costs, but also highest possible patient satisfaction,comfort and privacy. Nested within this outlook, the design of hospital nursing units has claimed considerable priority. Significant in such an endeavour is timely feedback to the designer, especially as quantitative assessments of what has been achieved so far with respect to planimetric efficiency; i.e. utility value of built floor area, both in terms of its allocation to served, serving and circulation spaces and the relative proportions of these. Its particular focus was on the nursing units of public facilities in Türkiye. The study was carried out on a random sample of hospitals operating under government jurisdictions. Sample size was roughly determined as 33%. The material consisted of production drawings. Data derived from these comprised planimetric measurements regarding their nursing units and of various germane ratios calculated. Analysis of variance, distributional aspects, scatter charts and t-tests were used to evaluate this data according to a number of relevant factors. Results for ratio of primary spaces to secondary spaces showed that there were significant differences by constructional area per bed, while other variables showed a central tendency that was independent of the factors considered. It was concluded that while the method used was appropriate to the assessment in question, further developments and investigations were needed to determine the causes underlying such differences.
Citation Formats
Z. T. Kazanasmaz, “An investigation on the planimetric design efficiency of inpatient departments in healtcare facilities,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2005.