Exotic smooth structures on non-simply connected 4-manifolds

Topkara, Mustafa
In this thesis, we study exotic smooth structures on 4-manifolds with finite fundamental groups. For an arbitrary finite group G, we construct an infinite family of smooth 4-manifolds with fundamental group G, which are all homeomorphic but mutually non-diffeomorphic, using the small symplectic manifold with arbitrary fundamental group constructed by S. Baldridge and P. Kirk, together with the methods of A. Akhmedov, R.Ý. Baykur and D. Park for constructing infinite families of exotic simply connected 4-manifolds. In the final chapter, pairs of small exotic 4-manifolds with a cyclic fundamental group of any odd order are constructed.
Citation Formats
M. Topkara, “Exotic smooth structures on non-simply connected 4-manifolds,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2010.