A fuzzy linguistic decision model approach for selecting the optimum promotion mix for digital products with genetic algorithms

Gün, Mustafa Murat
Promotion is one of the four major marketing elements of the marketing mix (others are product, price and place) in implementing marketing strategy. Promotion is dealing with the ways a company communicates with its customers to persuade them to buy the product. Promotion mix covers all the different ways a company choose to communicate with its customers such as advertising, personnel selling, PR, sales promotion and others. Selecting the optimal blend of the promotion mix is a tough and critical issue for marketers and does not have a fix operative formula. The fast pace of improvements in digitization in this era led companies produce digital products. Due to their inherent characteristic of digital products, such as intangibility, promotion mix selection is a more challenging issue. In my thesis study, I proposed a framework in classifying the digital products and then apply a fuzzy linguistic decision model approach with appropriate genetic algorithms to reach an optimum promotion mix set for digital products. Optimization is targeting to justify the objectives of the company, provide a satisfying marketing performance for the companies of digital product producers and utilize their budget effectively. The proposed model is implemented on an empirical case and produced satisfactory results.