Land-cut versus landfill as an alternative for creating urban space on waterfronts

Yazıcı, Murat
The main concern of this thesis is to evaluate the land-cut as an alternative urban design tool instead of landfill in the creation of shore in waterfront areas in terms of improving space quality, increasing the shoreline length for the use and benefit of public, decreasing the risks of natural disasters while increasing the marine ecosystem and habitat, and promoting the development of the land economy. The development of the idea dates back to an urban design studio study carried out in 2005 in Eceabat, Çanakkale by Middle East Technical University Urban Design Master Program. During the study, it was observed that the interaction of small town of Eceabat with water was partially blocked by a seaside road and a ferry port created by landfill. Therefore, the ways of integrating the town life with water was searched and in the design schemes proposed after the analyses, the possibility to create a new shore by land-cut method in Eceabat was evaluated. Within this framework, the possibility of using land-cut method is evaluated in a more detailed case study of Kuşdili Meadow and Kuşdili Stream (Kurbağalı v Dere) located in Kadıköy, Istanbul where there is a potential to create urban space with an approach which has not been used so far in Turkey. Prior to the analysis, the life near waterside has been studied in order to clarify how people from different geographies developed settlements near waterside and how those settlements existed with water. The reasons and the problematic of landfill has been evaluated with specific examples in order to put forward from what aspects the use of an alternative method be considered is necessary. Therefore, the legal and administrative aspects which resulted in the creation of landfills as problematic spaces on the waterside have also been discussed. At the end of the study, the potentiality of the site has been studied to find out from various urban design aspects with a specific reference to the applicability of land-cut method. Therefore, the analysis of the site has been carried out. And the thesis has shown that land-cut may possibly be an alternative to landfill in the development of waterside urban spaces from various spatial, social, and economic aspects.
Citation Formats
M. Yazıcı, “Land-cut versus landfill as an alternative for creating urban space on waterfronts,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.