Secure mail gateway

Tanık, Güven Orkun
Past few decades witnessed the birth and explosive growth of the internet and the communications –most notably the electronic mail- through it. Studies indicate that although security measures are deployed, their usage is very limited and problematic. This work proposes a system to address some of the shortcomings of present mail security systems, such as underutilization, complicated key management and unwanted immunization against filtering-scanning. A two-layer message encryption scheme with domain level keys is introduced and a performance analysis is presented. An analysis of the improvement on the key management is also presented. Results show that, e-mails can be secured without significant performance impact, and visible ease of key management, by using the system proposed in this thesis.
Citation Formats
G. O. Tanık, “Secure mail gateway,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.