Assessment of water supply impacts for a mine site in Western Turkey

Ağartan, Elif
A certain amount of water is required for a mine site located in Turgutlu in Western Turkey to be used in mining processes. The purpose of this study is to assess the impacts associated with meeting water supply requirements for the mine. Scope of the study involves determination of the alternative water resources, the assessment of impacts associated with each resource and the selection of the most feasible alternative in the aspect of environmental and technical effects. Three alternatives suggested to supply mine process water are surface water, groundwater and reuse of waste water of Turgutlu town after treatment. A low flow analysis of Gediz River was conducted for the evaluation of the surface water. For the groundwater alternative, Turgutlu-Salihli aquifer model was established using MODFLOW 2009.1 software and the impacts on groundwater resources were evaluated. The evaluation of the last alternative, reuse of waste water of Turgutlu after treatment, was based upon the amount of waste water generated and treatment needed. Results of the alternatives show that each alternative is applicable to supply the required water to the mine site. However, the storage of the Gediz River water in a v small dam in wet seasons to be used later in dry seasons and the reuse of waste water of Turgutlu after treatment are the alternatives with least impacts on existing water users and related ecosystems.
Citation Formats
E. Ağartan, “Assessment of water supply impacts for a mine site in Western Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.