Resource assessment in Aydin-Pamukören geothermal field

Atmaca, İlker
Reasons like increases in the price and demand of energy in the last years, growing interest and support in the renewable energy resources, development of social environmental consciousness, interest in using domestic resources, having legal regulations has promoted the interest in the electricity production from geothermal energy. For the effective and productive use of existing resources, important data of geothermal regions are obtained with well tests. Well tests are the studies which starts while the well is drilling, continues after the well completion during the process of operation planning with optimum performance suitable to geothermal source and presents continuation also in the operation stage as required for the dynamic structure of geothermal systems. In Aydın Kuyucak Pamukören region three wells are drilled, achieved results are positive. At AP1 well only CO2 emission is present, no test is done for this well. With the tests for AP2 and AP3 wells temperature, pressure and production values are determined. By the results of these tests, it is determined that this region will be one of the important fields in the West Anatolian Region with current temperature and production rate. In this study, the geothermal energy recoverable from this region is calculated with volume method of geothermal resource assessment. Monte Carlo simulation technique is used with an add-in software program @RISK to Microsoft EXCEL. Electrical power capacity of Aydın-Pamukören geothermal field is determined as 45.2 MW with 90 % probability. The most likely electrical power value was found to be 78.75 MW with a probability of 69 %. The number of wells required are 10 for a production capacity of 200 t/hr and 7 for a production capacity of 300 t/hr at each well head.
Citation Formats
İ. Atmaca, “Resource assessment in Aydin-Pamukören geothermal field,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.