The effect of “please” strategy training through the self-regulated strategy development (srsd) model on fifth grade efl students’ descriptive writing : strategy training on planning

Akıncılar, Vildan
This study aims to investigate the effects of the “ PLEASE” (a general paragraph writing strategy ) writing strategy instruction through the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) model on descriptive writing of fifth grade English language learners studying in a private primary school in Istanbul. The current study specifically focuses on if instruction on pre-writing planning through the SRSD model results in improvements in students’ written products, planning behaviors and self-beliefs as writers. For the study, eight fifth grade students participated in a writing club activity offered by the researcher at school. They were taught strategies for planning and drafting descriptive paragraphs, and the procedures for regulating the use of these strategies and the writing process itself. The data collection tools included comparison of students’ final pieces of writing in terms of overall quality and length, retrospective verbal protocols, individual interviews, and questionnaires all of which were conducted both at the pre-intervention and the post-intervention phases. As a result, the pre-test and the post-test writing scores indicated that each student experienced improvement in terms of overall quality and length of the written products. The strategy training helped students become more aware of the need for pre-writing planning and they started to engage in planning prior to writing in real practice. After the treatment, the students also experienced increased self-confidence.