The Effect of english opinion essay writing instruction on Turkish essay writing : a case of university preparatory school students

Kaya, Seyithan
This study investigates the effects of instructions for English One-Body opinion essay on Turkish essay writing. Data were collected in five steps: (1) Pre-Test in Turkish; (2) Introduction to Essay, and One-Body Opinion essay writing instruction in English; (3) English Essay; (4, 5) Post/Delayed Post-Test in Turkish. The essays were collected from 39 students having started school as beginners and reached pre-intermediate level of English at the time of data collection at the university preparatory school. The essays were scored by two experienced raters using a checklist composed of every crucial step of One-Body Opinion essay writing instruction. Scores were made up of Total scores, Introduction scores, Body part scores, Conclusion scores, and scores of Refutation, Punctuation, Coherence, and Unity of the essays written in each test. These scores were first tested in terms of normality of distribution to decide which statistical test would be used to find if there was a statistically significant difference between scores of different tests. Tests of normality showed only one pair of comparison were appropriate for Paired T-test, while the other comparisons of pairs of tests were done with Wilcoxon signed-ranks test. The results showed that except for the one between the conclusion score of the Pre-Turkish essay and that of Delayed Post-Turkish essay, all the comparisons between Pre-Turkish scores and Post/Delayed Post-Turkish scores provided a significant difference. The results, therefore, means English One-Body Opinion essay instructions have a significant effect on Turkish essay writing, showing a transfer from L2 English to L1 Turkish.


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S. Kaya, “The Effect of english opinion essay writing instruction on Turkish essay writing : a case of university preparatory school students,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.