International knowledge transfer in European research and development programmes: Turkish case

Yapar, O. Oğuz
International programmes, namely Framework Programmes 6, 7, and European Research Cooperation Agency (EUREKA), aim supporting national Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) to subcontract their research needs to Research and Technological Development (RTD) performers. Main objective of this thesis is to measure level of success of knowledge transfer from RTD performers towards Turkish SMEs within the FP6, FP7 and EUREKA. The thesis proposes a model for knowledge transfer consisting of four stages: initiation, implementation, elaboration, and internalization. Extensive data is collected from sixty projects involved in these programmes via structured survey. The data is analyzed within the context of the proposed model via using the variables selected from the literature. Main findings show that the initiation stage is at a satisfactory level. The national SMEs continue learning from the international partners while they practice the knowledge they acquire, therefore, necessary support should be given to national SMEs to communicate as much as possible in order to receive as much knowledge as possible from their international partners, during implementation process. Level of absorptive capacity is indispensable for elaboration. Therefore, much effort is required to strengthen absorptive capacity of national SMEs. Internalization is the weakest stage. If internalization is not successfully achieved, it is hardly possible to sustain and systematize the knowledge. All stages are mutually exclusive. If the initiation is not based on real needs and expertise of the SMEs, implementation will fail. It will be difficult to elaborate on the knowledge; therefore, improvement of the knowledge will not be at expected level. Since the improvement will not be sustained, internalization of the knowledge will be less, which will undermine successful transfer.
Citation Formats
O. O. Yapar, “International knowledge transfer in European research and development programmes: Turkish case,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.