Strengthening Turkish small and medium size enterprises and promoting entrepreneurship in the light of European Union policies

Işık iskender, Seval
This thesis analyses the ways of strengthening Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey and promoting entrepreneurship in the light of the current EU policies from a holistic approach. Analyses of theoretical framework and exploring the structure of SMEs, existing support policies and the future strategies of both European Union and Turkey are the major stages of this study. This thesis makes critical evaluation of SME policies in Turkey by pointing out their weaknesses, which are supported by the results obtained from the case study conducted on SMEs in Adana. This study also attempts to develop some recommendations in order to eliminate shortcomings of SME policy in Turkey. The main idea of this thesis is that a long term strategy, which should be developed in order to promote entrepreneurship and support Turkish SMEs requires reassessment of the policies and developing effective measures in wide range of policy domains such as, R&D, technology, labor markets, financial markets, education and social policies.