Preconcentration of germanium with mercapto resin and determination by hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry

Göktürk, Gamze


Preconcentration of germanium on mercapto-modified silica gel
Gokturk, G; Delzendeh, M; Volkan, Mürvet (2000-07-14)
A simple method for the determination of ultra-trace amounts of germanium in natural waters has been developed. Germanium was preconcentrated using silica having mercapto functional groups, namely mercapto silica and determined by hydride generation flame atomic absorption spectrometry (HGAAS). Utilising mercapto silica, satisfactory recovery values (> 95%) were obtained at natural pH, for germanate concentrations as low as 50 ng 1(-1) Considering the highest preconcentration factor (400-fold) obtained, the...
Preconcentration of germanium by surfactant (cloud point extraction) and determination by hgaas.
Böyükbayram, Ayşe Elif; Department of Chemistry (1999)
Preconcentration of tellurium by mercapto resin micro column and determination by hgaas
Körez, Aslıhan; Ataman, Yavuz; Department of Chemistry (1998)
Preconcentration of volatile elements on quartz surface prior to determination by atomic spectrometry
Korkmaz, Deniz; Ataman, Osman Yavuz; Department of Chemistry (2004)
Hydride generation technique is frequently used for the detection of elements as As, Se, Sb, Sn, Bi, Ge, Te and Pb that form volatile hydrides in solution using a reductant. In this study, a novel quartz trap for on-line preconcentration of volatile analyte species was designed. Pb, Sb and Cd were selected as analyte elements and chemical vapour generation technique was employed for generation of their volatile species in flow systems. The trapping medium was formed by external heating of either the inlet a...
Preconcentration and speciation of iron by using renewable surface flow injection system (RS-FIA)
Tekin, Serap; Volkan, Mürvet; Department of Chemistry (2003)
The main aim of this study is to combine the sol-gel technology and renewable surface flow injection analysis (RS-FIA) techniques for iron speciation and determination. Thus the home-made FIA system, which consists of 2 syringe pumps and 3 multi-position selection valves, is modified with two flow cells (magnetic cell and jet ring cell) in order to be suitable for renewable surface flow injection technique. All the computer programs used for flow injection analysis are modified to control the whole system a...
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G. Göktürk, “Preconcentration of germanium with mercapto resin and determination by hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.