X-band high power ferrite phase shifters

Altan, Hakkı İlhan
Ferrite phase shifters are key components of passive phased array antenna systems. In a modern radar system, microwave components in the transmit path should handle high microwave power levels. Also low loss operation in phase shifters is critical, since radar range depends on the microwave power transmitted from the antennas. In this respect, ferrite phase shifters provide required performance characteristics for phased array radar systems. In this thesis, Reggia-Spencer type and twin-toroid type ferrite phase shifters operating at X-Band are designed, simulated, fabricated and measured. Measurements of the fabricated ferrite phase shifters are compared with simulation results. Electromagnetic simulations are performed using CST.
Citation Formats
H. İ. Altan, “X-band high power ferrite phase shifters,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.