Application of OHSAS 18000 to Bigadiç Boron Work to improve the existent working conditions

Gökçek, Soner
OHSAS 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System Series have a special importance to mining. OHSAS standardization aims to provide secure, more tranquil and healthier working space to the employees by means of establishing an assessment system. As mining activities are generally carried out in high risk environments, OHSAS has been improved and has increased its importance for mining in the world. In this study, Bigadiç Boron Work is taken as a case for the application of OHSAS 18001. Theoretical information about OHSAS and risk assessment is provided, and some exemplifying mines that implemented this standard are given to illustrate their benefits. All possible hazard sources are identified and a “Hazard Source Inventory” is proposed. Together with this hazard source inventory, a risk assessment method is developed for Bigadiç Boron Work. Several tasks are evaluated according to this proposed form. In order to define policy, principles and structure of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System, an “OHSA Manual” is prepared. Several sets of standard forms were prepared and recommended for Bigadiç Boron Work. Consistency throughout the organization was established by means of these created standard documents, procedures and forms. Proposed Job Safety Analysis form can be used to identify, analyze and record the steps involved in performing a specific task, and the existing or potential safety and health hazards associated with each step. Several safe job procedures were also prepared with the help of the risk assessment process. In addition to this, an “Emergency Plan” is proposed for enterprise to prevent loss of life, property and information, and provide safety in case of any emergency or natural disaster. An “OHS Audit Instrument” is suggested for the Bigadiç Boron Work that will play a key role for continuous improvement of the system. Audits are integral part of OHSAS in order to identify hazards, improve health and safety conditions, and check compliance with regulations. These studies also show that there are some problems in the implementation of the system. The main problem is ineffective data recording and keeping. Lack of consciousness of employees and low commitment of top management constitute another important difficulty. Although these problems are commonly encountered in practice, applying OHSAS 18000 standard is still worthwhile method of improving work environment.


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S. Gökçek, “Application of OHSAS 18000 to Bigadiç Boron Work to improve the existent working conditions,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.