Design and characterization of electromagnetic wave absorbing structural compsites

Gürer, Göksu
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is one of the most common problems encountered in microwave applications. Interaction of electromagnetic (EM) waves from different sources may result in device malfunction due to misinterpretation of the transferred data or information loss. On the other hand, development of materials with reduced radar detectability is desired in defense applications. Considering the limitations in weight and thickness, development of lightweight structural materials with enhanced electromagnetic absorption potential is needed. In this study, development and characterization of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) composite materials to be used in EM wave absorbing or EMI shielding applications was aimed. Incorporation of electromagnetic wave absorption characteristic has been achieved by the application of conductive thin film on fiber glass woven fabric reinforcement layers. Characterization of EM wave absorption potential was conducted using “free-space method” in 18 – 27 GHz frequency range. Single and multilayered combinations of surface-modified fiber glass woven fabrics were characterized in terms of their EM wave interaction properties and design principles for efficient broadband EM wave absorbing multilayered GFRP composite material have been presented. A computer aided computation method has also developed in order to predict EM wave transmission, reflection, and hence absorption characteristics of multilayered structures from single layer properties. Estimated results were verified compared to free-space measurement results. In the current study, up to 85% electromagnetic wave absorption has been obtained within 18-27 GHz frequency range (K band). Enhancement of EM wave absorption potential of multilayer structure has also been demonstrated by computer aided computation
Citation Formats
G. Gürer, “Design and characterization of electromagnetic wave absorbing structural compsites,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.