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Production of urban form as the reproduction of property relations : morphogenesis of Yenişehir - Ankara

Baş, Yener
Aim of this thesis is to explain the role of property relations in the production of urban form. It is assumed that urban form is produced not only as a physical setting but also as a concrete and relatively fixed manifestation of property relations. In this respect, urban form should be considered in a relational conception of space. The study departs from the proposition that property relations are the main determinants of the formation of urban space, and private property constitutes the generator of the dynamics and contradictions of urban formation, through a continuous process of fragmentation. For this reason, in the control of urban formation, property rights are the basic element that city planners have to face. Therefore, this study presents a comprehensive framework that integrates the categories of urban morphology with a structural analysis of urban formation process. As the essential unit of capitalist city, “production of the parcel as a commodity” is elaborated as the core of urban formation process. In this framework, morphogenesis of Yenişehir–Ankara is analyzed in order to understand its historical transformation with reference to the context of property relations. Its morphological layers are depicted as a product of the contradictory relation between urban planning and property relations. It is seen that the morphogenesis of Yenişehir includes three distinct layers of formation, which are characterized by the gradual domination of commodity production in the formation process of urban space.