Development of a methodology for geospatial image streaming

Kıvcı, Erdem Türker
Serving geospatial data collected from remote sensing methods (satellite images, areal photos, etc.) have become crutial in many geographic information system (GIS) applications such as disaster management, municipality applications, climatology, environmental observations, military applications, etc. Even in today’s highly developed information systems, geospatial image data requies huge amount of physical storage spaces and such characteristics of geospatial image data make its usage limited in above mentioned applications. For this reason, web-based GIS applications can benefit from geospatial image streaming through web-based architectures. Progressive transmission of geospatial image and map data on web-based architectures is implemented with the developed image streaming methodology. The software developed allows user interaction in such a way that the users will visualize the images according to their level of detail. In this way geospatial data is served to the users in an efficient way. The main methods used to transmit geospatial images are serving tiled image pyramids and serving wavelet based compressed bitstreams. Generally, in GIS applications, tiled image pyramids that contain copies of raster datasets at different resolutions are used rather than differences between resolutions. Thus, redundant data is transmitted from GIS server with different resolutions of a region while using tiled image pyramids. Wavelet based methods decreases redundancy. On the other hand methods that use wavelet compressed bitsreams requires to transform the whole dataset before the transmission. A hybrid streaming methodology is developed to decrease the redundancy of tiled image pyramids integrated with wavelets which does not require transforming and encoding whole dataset. Tile parts’ coefficients produced with the methodlogy are encoded with JPEG 2000, which is an efficient technology to compress images at wavelet domain.
Citation Formats
E. T. Kıvcı, “Development of a methodology for geospatial image streaming,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.