Production of high carbon ferromanganese from a manganese ore located in Erzincan

Çardaklı, İsmail Seçkin
Main purpose of this study was to investigate the production of high carbon ferromanganese by smelting a manganese ore located in Erzincan. Time, charge basicity, fluorspar addition and coke to ore weight ratio were used as experimental variables. After characterization of the ore, a mixture of 100 grams of uncalcined manganese ore and carefully weighed amounts of coke powder, lime, fluorspar and scrap iron were put into a conical graphite crucible. The graphite crucible with its contents was covered with a graphite lid and placed in an electronically controlled muffle furnace. The furnace was heated to 1600 oC and held at this temperature for a predetermined time and cooled to room temperature. The crucible was taken out of the furnace and the metal and slag phases formed were removed from the crucible by breaking the crucible and carefully weighed. Finally, the metal and slag phase were subjected to chemical analysis. The experimental results show that Erzincan manganese ore can be used in the production of high carbon ferromanganese.