Conducting polymers and composites of pyrrole and their uses as sensors

Selampınar, Fatma


Simulation of chlorine decay in water supply networks.
Özdemir, Osman N; Sevük, Süha; Ger, A. Metin; Department of Civil Engineering (1997)
Multi-functional polymer scaffolds as biosensors for detection of ethanol and organophosphorous pesticides and as fluorescent probes for cell imaging purposes
Kesik Mancar, Melis; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Timur, Suna; Department of Chemistry (2017)
Overwhelming characteristics of conducting polymers led to opening a new research field in the last decades. There are a number of application areas of CPs which attracted keen interest of scientific world. The two main concepts of this thesis are conducting polymer based biological sensors and cell imaging study. Accordingly, the use of multi-functional polymers as biosensors for detection of ethanol and organophosphorous (OPs) pesticides and as different multi-purpose fluorescent probes for cell imaging s...
Evaluation of performance and optimum valve settings for pressure management using forecasted daily demand curves by artificial neural networks
Yıldız, Evren; Merzi, Nuri; Department of Civil Engineering (2011)
For the appropriate operation and correct short term planning, daily demand curve (DDC) of municipal water distribution networks should be forecasted beforehand. For that purpose, artificial neural networks (ANN) is used as a new method. The proposed approach employs already recorded DDCs extracted from the database of ASKI (Ankara Water Authority) SCADA center and related independent parameters such as temperature and relative humidity obtained from DMI (State Meteorological Institute). In this study, a co...
Triclosan removal by nanofiltration from surface water
Öğütverici, Abdullah; Yetiş, Ülkü; Dilek, Filiz Bengü; Department of Environmental Engineering (2013)
Nowadays, organic pollutants occurring in surface waters have raised substantial concern in public. Triclosan (TCS) is one of the antimicrobial agents which are utilized in both domestic and industrial application. In this study nanofiltration (NF) of TCS in surface water was investigated. Laboratory scale cross-flow device is operated in total recycle mode and DK-NF and DL-NF membranes were used. Kesikköprü Reservoir (Ankara) water was used as raw water. Effect of natural organic matter (NOM) content of ra...
Spatial data analysis for monitoring and prediction of selected water quality parameters in reservoirs: Porsuk Dam reservoir case
Yenilmez, Firdes; Aksoy, Ayşegül; Düzgün, H. Şebnem; Department of Environmental Engineering (2014)
In the design of a water quality monitoring network, selection of water quality sampling locations is crucial to adequately represent the water quality of the water body when high costs of analyses and field work are taken into account. In this study, a new approach was proposed to identify the representative water quality sampling locations in reservoirs and lakes using geostatistical tools for estimation of spatial distribution of selected water quality parameters. To do so, kernel density estimation (KDE...
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F. Selampınar, “Conducting polymers and composites of pyrrole and their uses as sensors,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1997.