Multiple window detectors

Sipahigil, Oktay
Energy or DFT detector using a fixed window size is very efficient when signal start time and duration is matched with that of the window's. However, in the case of unknown signal duration, the performance of this detector decreases. For this scenario, a detector system composed of multiple windows may be preferred. Window sizes of such a system will also be fixed beforehand but they will be different from each other. Therefore, one of the windows will better match the signal duration, giving better detection results. In this study, multiple window detectors are analyzed. Their false alarm and detection probability relations are investigated. Some exact and approximate values are derived for these probabilities. A rule of thumb for the choice of window lengths is suggested for the case of fixed number of windows. Detectors with overlapping window structure are considered for the signals with unknown delay. Simulation results are added for these types of detectors.
Citation Formats
O. Sipahigil, “Multiple window detectors,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.