Analysis of water distribution networks using information systems.

Eker, İlker


Analysis of water distribution networks with pressure dependent demand models.
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Analysis of stochastic and non-stochastic volatility models.
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Changing in variance or volatility with time can be modeled as deterministic by using autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic (ARCH) type models, or as stochastic by using stochastic volatility (SV) models. This study compares these two kinds of models which are estimated on Turkish / USA exchange rate data. First, a GARCH(1,1) model is fitted to the data by using the package E-views and then a Bayesian estimation procedure is used for estimating an appropriate SV model with the help of Ox code. In order...
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İ. Eker, “Analysis of water distribution networks using information systems.,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.